Why do you worry in vain? Why do fear? Who can kill you? A Soul never dies or takes a birth.
* Whatever happened - happened for good; What ever is happening - is happening for good; Whatever will happen - will happen for good. Do not worry about the past or the future - live in the present.
* What have you lost that makes you cry? What did you bring to this earth that you have lost? You came empty handed and will die empty handed? Today what is yours yesterday was someone else's and tomorrow will be somebody else. Whatever materialistic pleasures you have cause you sufferings.
* Change is a rule of the world. In a second you become a rich and in a second you become poor. This is mine,  that is yours - remove such feelings and you will be liked by everyone.
* This body is not yours - it is made of Fire, Water, Air, Earth & the Sky and it will dissolve amongst them. Your inner soul is constant.
* You should dedicate yourself to the God. He will free you of your fear, anger & sorrow.
* Whatever you do; dedicate it to God. By doing so you will get the pleasure of becoming free from life-death cycle.            

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